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Four clans live in the midst of one massive storm, that has raged on since the absence of Starclan. Since they left, the clans have been driven to tyranny and chaos. The warrior code has been taken more seriously, in hope that Starclan will return, but this has brought up negative results. Blood is spilt, fights break out constantly and trust is fragile. How will you make it? 


Warriors Dark Storm  is a deviantART roleplay group founded by smoup  but was later passed down to iDawnDusk .WDS is about the interactions of the four clans after a permanet storm as blocked off their connection to starclan. The group was founded April the 7th 2013 and was remade on January the 2rd 2014. The group will be opening positions for members to join on the 7th of January. There are a limited spot of 16 spots for each clan allowing for 10 warriors and 6 apprentices.