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Lake Map (lostclan)

The Territories

Overall DescriptionEdit

 The consists of varied landscape surrounding a lake. The northern half is covered by woodland and it gives home to ShadowClan and ThunderClan. The southern half is moorland, giving home to RiverClan and WindClan. Two smaller streams flow into the lake from the north, and a river, named River Alba flows out of it in the direction of the sun-drown-place which shelters Midnight, the cat-friendly badger.
There is noticeable Twoleg activity in the region. Twolegs come here mostly in greenleaf and there are two Greenleaf Twoleg places in the region, and several halfbridges (boat docks) around the lake. The ShadowClan territory contains a Twoleg NextIn the south, there is the Horseplace with a Twolegplace nearby.



See also ThunderClan Territory

ThunderClan claims the northeastern part; their territory is mainly deciduous woodland. Their camp is an abandoned Twoleg quarry, called the stone hollow by the cats.

RiverClan TerritoryEdit

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RiverClan lives in the southwestern part, around the rivers. The RiverClan Lake Camp is on a triangle of land between two streams. The Gathering Island can be reached from RiverClan territory.

WindClan TerritoryEdit

See also WindClan Territory

WindClan territory is open moor in the southeastern part of the territory. The WindClan Camp is a shallow scoop in the ground, protected from the weather and enemies.

ShadowClan TerritoryEdit

See also ShadowClan Territory

ShadowClan claims the northwestern part; their territory is mostly coniferous forest with not much undergrowth and damp ground. The ShadowClan camp is in a dip surrounded by brambles.

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