Like eveything else on this world, we have rules. Be sure to read them and follow them.


General Rules

  • Do not edit pages that are not labeled eligble to be edited by normal users.
  • Do not bully others on the wikia. It is strictly not tolerated.
  • Do not swear (there are some young children)
  • Do not ask for Admininstrator. See FAQ.
  • Do not add another uncessary page unless approved by an admin.

Chat, Forum, and Comment Rules

  • Do not spam comments, chats, or forum questions.
  • Do not ask to become Chat Mods
  • No PG-13+ Roleplays allowed.

Rule Breaking and Banning

If you break a rule, you can be marked by an Admin for breaking the rules.

  • Strike 1: After breaking 3 rules consecutively, you are banned for the wikia for a week.
  • Strike 2: After breaking 2 more rules after you came back from the week, you are banned for a month.
  • Strike 3: After breaking 1 more rule after you came back from a month, you are banned for a year.
  • Last Chance: After breaking the rule 1 more time after being banned for a year, you are immediately banned forever..