Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page! This will contian FAQ about the deviantArt group as well as the Wikia itself.

Group FAQ

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Wikia FAQ

Q: Can I be Admin?

A: No. Do not ask that question. If you immediately ask that question, we will suspect that you are just going to abuse the admin rights. If you want to be an admin please visit the Applying for Staff page to see which spots are open and which are eligible to apply for.

Q: Why can't I edit anything?

A: Many on the pages here are locked so normal users cannot edit them. There will be some normal pages floating about so don't worry.

Q: What is Warriors: Darkstorm?

Warriors Dark Storm  is a deviantART roleplay group founded by smoup  but was later passed down to iDawnDusk .WDS is about the interactions of the four clans after a permanet storm as blocked off their connection to starclan.

Q: Can I have a character page for my character?

A: Sorry, but in this case no. This wikia is mainly used for reference, to state events, as well as background info about characters. In some cases, we might allow a character page or two, but only on very special ocassions. The reason for this is to prevent overcrowding and having to manage 100+ pages with very limitied admins to watch over them. Perhaps when the group is bigger and we have more admins, then we'll allow member-pages.