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We currently have 1 spot(s) for Chat Moderators, 0 spot(s) for Adminstrators.

Background InfoEdit


Their job is to oversee the wikia to make sure that pages that are not supposed to be edited are not editied. Ocassionally, they add in a page or two, but their job is to mainly oversee the wikia as the admins of the deviantArt group cannot watch it 24/7. They also oversee comments on pages and make sure there is no swearing. Sometimes to go to the Forums to ask questions.

Chat ModeratorsEdit

Their job is to oversee the chat, make sure that no one is swearing or bullying others, or doingexplicit PG-13+ Roleplays.

Rules for ApplyingEdit

Like applying for anything, there are some rules you need to follow for applying.

  1. You must have a Wikia Account for at least three weeks.
  2. You have to have some skill in editing (Adding Pages, Deleting Pages, etc.)
  3. You must have at least two Admins back you up for good feedback ON the Warriors: Darkstorm Wikia
  4. You have to be part of the deviantArt group: Warriors:Darkstorm for AT LEAST a week.
  5. Have a really good reason why you think you should be admin.

After you filled out those guidelines, post a message on KH2Razor's wall where she will see your post and determine whether you're cut out for the job. Use this guideline:


Are you good at editing pages? If so, provide some examples:

Good Feedback from AT LEAST TWO admins:

Character on Warriors: Darkstorm Link:

Reason for applying: